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Cemara`S Family 2 (Versi Bahasa Inggris Dari Keluarga Cemara 2)
by , Gramedia Pustaka Utama, ISBN-9786020315720
Harga:  Rp 90.000 :: Rp 76.500 ::
Hemat:  Rp 13.500 (15,00%)
Ketersediaan:  stok tersedia di penerbit

In the fast-paced world where conscience is often swallowed by the daily struggles to survive, one little family maintains their true principle that honesty is the best policy. Though stricken with poverty, Cemara's family continues to live with gratefulness, kindness, and resilience. Cemara, the main character of this heartwarming novel, is a bright and lovely little girl who's still in kindergarten. She lives with Abah, the breadwinner of the family, who works as a pedicab driver and a handyman whenever he's needed. To support him, Emak, the mother, makes sweet grain snacks and asks her daughters to sell them around their village. Euis, the fi rstborn daughter, is on the 6th grade and has experienced the family's wealthy state in the past, before poverty strikes them. While the youngest daughter is Agil, a sweet girl who puts a smile in everyone's face. Cemara's Family is an evocative novel about the values of family as a pillar of strength. Cemara's sweet little stories show us that tears can actually be a symbol of happiness and that there is always hope even in the time of hardship.

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