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The Naked Traveler (English Edition)
by , B-First, ISBN-9786028864954
Harga:  Rp 79.000 :: Rp 67.150 ::
Hemat:  Rp 11.850 (15,00%)
Ketersediaan:  stok buku akan kami konfirmasikan


Trinity is Indonesia’s leading travel blogger and writer. Three volumes of "The Naked Traveler" have been published to date, and have quickly becomes Indonesia’s berst-selling travel book. For the first time in English, this compilation focuses on Trinity’s adventures in and around Indonesia, providing travelers to the region an indispensable insight into the culture and sight of this multi-faceted archipelago.


Trinity is Indonesia’s leading travel writer with seven national best-selling travel books.
In 2005, she started a travel blog at and in less than two years the blog was nominated as a finalist in Indonesia’s Best Blog Awards. She then switched her corporate career to become a full-time traveler and freelance travel writer.

Her debut book ‘The Naked Traveler’ was a compilation of thoughtful but hilarious short stories from her adventures around the world. The book inspired many Indonesians, especially young people, to travel, something that was rarely done at the time. The Naked Traveler now has four titles and areamong Indonesia’s best-selling travel books.

Trinity, along with Erastiany and Sheila Rooswitha, created Indonesia’s first graphic travelogue, Duo Hippo Dinamis: Tersesat di Byzantium (‘The Dynamic Hippos: Lost in Byzantium’). She also contributed to the anthologies ‘The Journeys’ and ‘TraveLove’.

She has found time to become a columnist at JalanJalan Magazine, a contributor for many travel publications, a social media entrepreneur, and a speaker at travel writing, blogging and tourism events. In 2010, Trinity won an Indonesia Travel & Tourism Award as Indonesia’s Leading Travel Writer and was dubbed as a ‘Heroine for Indonesian tourism’ by the Jakarta Post.

Trinity has a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications from UniversitasDiponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia, and was awarded an Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship to take up a Master in Management in Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines.

She has traveled to almost all the provinces of Indonesia as well as 64 countries around the world and counting. She still thinks Indonesia is still the best country she has visited!

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